1110 Loma Avenue - Home for the Holidays

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1110 Loma Avenue - Home for the Holidays and Throughout the Year

Shortened Days Heightened Our Spirits

As sunsets hiked north each Spring and slipped south every Fall, our nature-oriented family loved this home where we celebrated life, built lifelong memories and created unique traditions, with a little help from Coronado’s sunsets. 

At the end of long and languid summer days on Loma Avenue, we enjoyed watching the sun rest in glorious fashion after its daylong reach to the north, sending beams of golden slumber through Star Park’s trees to create leaf speckled shadows on our dining room window.  This soothing and magical light show fueled many an evening of coffee and conversation with family and friends. 

After the summer solstice, we found that shortened days heightened our spirits as we anticipated the coming holidays and observed the subtle changes in Southern California’s weather.  We tracked sunsets as they slowly progressed daily, from right to left across the horizon, each day creeping ever closer to the end of Point Loma and towards the cool depths of the Pacific Ocean.  When the late summer sun began to set over water, we would watch for the “green flash” under a salmon-colored and crimson canopy of clouds. 

The highlight of our family’s celestial spectacle was Thanksgiving Day sunset, where we walked a few short steps to the beach to take in nature and bid a very special and spiritual sendoff to our solar soulmate. 

While we found that our two-block walk to the beach, unfortunately, did not work off a substantial Turkey Day feast, we did find that our treasured yearly celebration brought: serenity – through the glory of the sea and sky before us – appreciation and bounding thankfulness for our once-in-a-lifetime home behind us -- our pillar and source of emotional strength that helped guide us throughout life’s grand procession.

To begin making your memories in this incredible home, call Tim for a personal preview at 1110 Loma Ave., Coronado, CA. Tim Brodowski may be reached at 619-686-5512. BRE #01224576