3 Ways to Protect Home Exteriors

Home Improvement

Most siding materials require little to no upkeep. Stucco, brick, and stone sidings are thought to last the life of a home, according to a report released by the National Association of Home Builders.

 Here are 3 ideas to help protect your home:

·         Keep foliage away. Make sure no plants are growing on the siding. Plants can trap moisture and allow insects and animals to infiltrate. You want the siding to be exposed to the elements, and be able to breathe.

·         Watch where water may be getting in. Check areas around windows and doors to see if water is getting in. Moisture can linger and eventually cause rotting or fungal growth. Make sure those areas have been properly caulked to prevent seepage.

·         Keep the gutters cleaned. Many home owners think they only need to check for clogged gutters in autumn when leaves are falling. A neighbor’s stray ball, a bird’s nest, or even squirrels stocking up for winter can quickly become a serious problem. If water gets backed up in your gutter, it could damage your siding too. Check gutters at least twice a year.

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