6 Ways to Cut Costs in Retirement Part 1 of 2

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6 Ways to Cut Costs in Retirement Part 1 of 2


Many bills are the result of long-term habits. A comprehensive bill review is the first step for revealing expenses that are no longer necessary—as well as discovering more attractive and affordable options.


1.    TWO CARS?

When both spouses were working full time and getting children to different events, two cars may have been a requirement. Once scheduling demands change, however, the need for two (or more) vehicles may no longer exists.

Compare the costs – Determine what you paid over the past year for maintenance and repairs – particularly if you own older cars. Which car should be kept, are they 2012 or newer?

Consider other options – Public transit, Uber, Lyft or rideshare.



With the improvement of online streaming options, many people have decided they prefer selecting what they want to view.

Several low-cost paid streaming services offer extensive on-demand programming options, while many familiar television channels (including the major networks, popular cable stations and news channels) stream their content free of charge.

While it’s increasingly popular to view this content on a desktop, laptop or mobile device, it’s just as easy to attach a small, inexpensive device (like Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Nexus Player) to stream online content, via Wi-Fi, directly to your television.

Add another small investment in an over-the-air antenna and you’ll be able to tune in local hi-definition channels for no monthly fee.



Paying storage fees? Why? Now is the time to eliminate this expensive cost. Sort through and toss what’s not needed, re-home what’s going to the kids, and donate (and take the tax credit for) things that are no longer useful.


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