Advantages to Owning Your Home

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Advantages to Owning Your Home

There’s nothing quite like a home that you can truly call your own. A place where you can have the gleaming hardwood floors you’ve always dreamed of, a space to cultivate your own vine-lined patio, a way to provide a good neighborhood for your kids to grow up in, and a freedom from the whims of your landlord. These are the images that immediately come to mind, for many of us.

Yet some of the biggest advantages of owning are less romantic and more practical – in fact, there are several advantages to owning a home.

     ·  Appreciation Potential Real estate is considered a great long-term investment that appreciates in value.

     ·  Capital Gains Exclusion Upon sale, homeowners can exclude up to $500,000 per couple, or $250,000 if single or for homes that have been the taxpayer’s principal residence for two out of the past five years.

     ·  Principal Reduction Each payment retires a part of the debt each month that a payment is made.

     ·  Personal Enjoyment Pride of ownership is a valid reason for wanting to own a home. You can personalize your home while enjoying the financial benefits.

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