First Hand - Living in Isolation

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This is a scenario I know first hand.  Last spring we lost dad and mom was now alone in their home of 66 years.  With the exception of grocery shopping, she never left the house.  Her friends had passed away, her church had closed, family members had passed away,  or moved, and television became her best friend.

After a bit of time passed, she began talking of the loneliness she was experiencing.  This type of social isolation has been linked to several health issues, both mental and physical.  Depression, cognitive decline, high blood pressure and other medical problems started to become prevalent.

So, what can we do???  The first thing, be willing to recognize the problem. It’s important to address the issue sooner rather than later in order to prevent a downward spiral of problems.

Some of the things we discussed were: becoming active in a social group,  getting her up to speed with technology, hiring an assistant for helping with laundry and shopping and driving. Another option was to move out of the house to a community style senior residence.  Upon discussing what was the safest lifestyle and what she wanted, she became open to trying a senior residence where she can enjoy as much (or as little) social interaction as she chooses. To help pay for the cost of her stay, we recognized her major asset was the home.

She did not like the new lifestyle at first.  But in a recent conversation, she mentioned that she likes not having to cook for herself and has FUN at bingo.  Good choice mom!! 

If you have a family member or friend experiencing this type of scenario and want someone to help with selling their real estate and maximizing the value of  their largest asset, call me, Tim Brodowski, Coldwell Banker Real Estate.  858-354-2354.  I promise the same patience and understanding that I give my mom.  Thanks for allowing me to share my personal story.           BRE #01224576