Helpful Tips for the Real Estate Investor Part 1

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Helpful Tips for the Real Estate Investor Part 1 of 2

1.     Know what your goals are:

Talk to your real estate consultant about cash flow, capital appreciation, tax benefits, management methods, equity pay down, and pride of ownership.

2.     Knowing/checking income and expenses:

Check everything: rent income, taxes, expenses, deposits, lease expirations, etc.  Hype is an epidemic in investment real estate.  Also, factor in reserves for maintenance and unplanned events/issues.

3.     You’re buying a business:

Owning an investment property carries with it great responsibility and potential, along with some very difficult decisions – evicting tenants, who to rent to, whether or not to make certain improvements, etc.  Remember it’s a “hands-on” investment.

4.     Being emotional:

An emotional purchase is not your best investment strategy.  Pay attention to the numbers, not necessarily your heart.

5.     Negative vs positive cash flow:

Understand the cash flow position of each investment property. Are you looking to have a positive cash flow … understand what that entails.  Is a negative cash flow ok … if so, how much is allowable in your budget.  Reminder, factor the up side … depreciation, tax write offs, and appreciation.  Understand your numbers and goals.

6.     Ideal loan for your investment:

Here is a stress inducer – long-term investment goals financed with short-term instruments: a classic investment mistake.  My opinion, you should own real estate for the long term; utilizing long-term financing.

7.     Inspections:

Look at every inch!  Hire a professional inspector and ask the tenants questions about the property.  Don’t get lazy on this one!

8.     Read, approve, and confirm all documents during escrow:

Review zoning laws, rental applications and leases, by-laws, easements, title policy, inspection reports, purchase contract, insurance, rules and regulations, trust deed, mortgage, etc.

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