Maximizing Senior Options Part 1 of 2

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Maximizing Senior Options: Getting More, Often for Less, Part 1 of 2



Reigning in unnecessary expenses is only the first step in learning how to live large on a fixed income. The real fun is shifting the focus to discovering a world of budget-friendly opportunities to learn new things, enjoy new experiences, and establish new friendships.



Expand your nutritional horizons by supporting local farmers and improving your own eating and cooking options.

Avoid fast food Eliminating fast food can lead to huge improvements in weight, health, mood, and budgets!

Investigating what’s new Energy-efficient induction burners speed up the cooking process, while combination pressure-cooker/slow cooker devices make it easy to add ingredients, program a meal, and serve it up with less effort and mess than traditional meals.

Cooking meals as a social event – This may also be a great time to take a cooking class and meet new people while learning some new recipes.

Discover local resources – Enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables? Want higher quality eggs and meat? Try to find suppliers in your area.

Dig in the dirt – Even if your current home doesn’t offer a large yard, you can investigate container gardening, terraced gardening, or even a plot in a nearby community garden. Check out


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