Seniors Home Sale Notes


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Seniors Home Sale Notes

When you are ready to retire, your home is one of your most valuable assets. Whether you’re downsizing, buying in a new community or moving in with family, it takes careful planning to get the most out of your most valuable asset.

Seek an Agent with Specialized Knowledge

It is critical to find a real estate agent knowledgeable about the specialized needs of seniors, such as Tim Brodowski, your Seniors Real Estate Specialist. Through experience, specialized training and credentialing programs, Tim is familiar with the seniors’ unique issues of selling their home. He is a specialist that will guide you in making appropriate decisions and refer you to other experts as needed.

Know Your Home’s Value

Having lived in your home for many years, it is natural to be unsure of its current value. Lack of knowledge about current prices could cause you to accept much less for your home than it is worth. To find out the current price for your home, contact Tim to review a market analysis.                                 

Needed Guidance

Tim will guide you thru the maze of disclosures, issues, and potential pitfalls, with selling your home and make it a smooth process for you.

To get started with your home sale or purchase, call Tim @ 858-354-2354, “The Seniors Choice for Real Estate”.

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