Things to Look for in Your San Diego Neighborhood



5 Things to Look for in Your San Diego Neighborhood


Since relocating is such a major undertaking, it’s vital to thoroughly research your options. Here are five things to assess in a prospective neighborhood to ensure you’ll feel at home.


1.      Transportation

One consideration is how you’ll navigate your new surroundings. Find out whether you’ll have access to public transportation or need a car. If you can use public transit, what are the service hours and stops? If you require airport proximity, determine how you’ll get there. The amount of time it will take to get to all your destinations.


2.      Businesses

Before visiting a neighborhood, think about businesses you’ll be frequenting, such as a bank, medical services, grocery store, pharmacy and retail shops. Make sure they’re a comfortable distance from your prospective home.


3.      Schools

If you have children, another must-have is access to quality education. Concerning school reputation, consider and attend a PTA meeting at a given school. By speaking with other parents, you’ll get firsthand information on the school’s quality.


4.      Amenities

Do you like to frequent the gym, the park, restaurants, pubs, music venue or the theatre? Research the proximity to your favorite venues and activities.


5.      Economy

Drive through the streets of a potential neighborhood and look for clues. Are businesses opening up, clean streets, and a prevalence of people moving in the area? Look for indications that people care about their property and each other. Do houses and landscapes look maintained? Are neighbors interacting? Talk to them and ask about their experience of living there.


Get detailed information from reliable sources. Invite conversation, and record your observations. Then make your smart move. You’ll be able to settle down for as long as needed in a wonderful neighborhood with the help of Tim Brodowski, call Tim at 858-354-2354BRE #01224576