Tips for Finding Your New Home


Real Estate Matters with Tim Bro

Tips for Finding Your New Home


Understand Your Personality and Desires

Your personal characteristics, for the most part, remain the same regardless of where you reside. It is important that you have an honest conversation with yourself before contacting Tim, your real estate professional. He can assist in your home search better after first having a scope of your wants and needs.


Research before Looking

Do a search of areas and identify three to five neighborhoods that intrigue you most. Take into account nearby schools, recreational facilities, commute times, and cost of living in your communities of choice. Keep in mind your price range and start searching for properties that fall within those bounds. There is no need to set your sights on the house on the hill if you cannot afford that.


Think Long-Term

Yes, it is true that you need shelter now, but you want to consider more than your present needs. You may want to look to your future wants, needs and goals. Consider where you may find yourself in the next 10 years career-wise and family-wise, and plan accordingly.


Hire a Knowledgeable, Experienced Realtor

Even the most detail-oriented books about real estate cannot provide the knowledge that you need to navigate the ever-changing world of homeownership. You need a real estate professional who knows the complex parts of the industry to help you find the ideal home at a reasonable price.


To get started with your next home purchase, call Tim @ 858-354-2354, “The Right Choice in Real Estate”. The first action item will be to meet and discuss what’s important to your budget, your timing.


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