Ways to Increase Value of Your Home Part 2 of 2

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 Budget Friendly Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home Part 2 of 2


Strategically planting trees and bushes around your yard can be a natural way for you to give your home shade and keep it cooler during the warm summer months, thereby lowering your energy bill.

Think green.

When choosing plants for your yard, choose drought-tolerant plants that are native to your region. They won’t require as much maintenance or water, saving you money over time.

Make a good impression.

Keeping lawns and hedges trimmed, bushes neatly manicured and gutters cleaned will help your home make a good impression. This is something you can easily do yourself or outsource to a professional.

Create open spaces.

Even a small home can appear larger by maximizing the square footage. To do this, use furniture that is proportional to your home’s space, and remove furniture pieces to create the illusion of more open space. Strategically hang mirrors in your rooms to open up the room.

Update your bathroom.

Even a small bathroom updates can make a world of difference. Updating your fixtures and mirrors, painting and installing new glass shower doors are easy and affordable ways to make big design improvements.

Update your fixtures.

One of the simplest and easiest ways to transform the look of your space is by updating the light fixtures and ceiling fans, if you have them, around your home. Even on a small budget, you can find chic fixtures that will dramatically improve your home’s style.

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