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Your Homeowner Association

Homeowner associations were created to provide a governing body for residential developments to make decisions regarding upkeep, appearance and finances. Periodic meetings are held to ensure that members of the communities are informed of issues related to them.

Know the Homeowner Association Laws 

Although homeowner associations have broad authority to organize communities, they are still subject to a larger body of laws that affect privacy and ownership of property. Familiarize yourself with the homeowner association laws in your state, so you can help to prevent frivolous rules that affect the experience of residents living in the community.

Financial Matters 

Homeowners associations produce a budget for the members of the development on an annual basis. These budgets allow the residents to understand where their association dues are being spent and whether or not sufficient reserve funds are being held for large projects.

Homeowner associations exist to ensure that communities are well run and able to handle financial and other responsibilities. These associations function best when those that make the decisions have regular input from the residents of the community.

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