Your Investment Property

Market Trends

As an experienced realtor, property owner, investor, and real estate wealth advisor . . . I realize keeping an “eye” on your property is very important. Knowing its current value, understanding the local real estate market, and keeping up with the most recent economic trends that affect our real estate investments can be very time consuming. Every now and then, it’s great to discuss these issues with someone “in the know”. Also, you may need property valuations for insurance purposes, updating trusts, or for any number of other reasons.

I can help! Some action items I have performed for my clients that they have found very useful–

•Provide current market comparatives, complete with stats and an executive summary.
•Phone consultation to discuss a real estate plans and goals.
•Generate a property profile that includes property characteristics, copies of your grant deeds, trust deeds, and other helpful documents.
•Reach out to property managers and other real estate professionals to discuss the rental market (current market rents . . . occupancy . . . etc).
•Help design goals and strategies for your real estate holdings on your current and future plans. Whether it’s adding to your portfolio, changing the mix through 1031 ex-changes, or liquidating.

Let’s discuss how I and my team may be of assistance to you regarding your real estate matters.